Sport Policy Forum Agrees on 10 Priorities

Sport leaders from all the 12 Districts of Southern Province met on 23rd – 24th September to strategise on development of sport in the province and to consult on national sport policy.

SessionThe meeting was convened by the National Organisation for Women in Sport Physical Activity and Recreation (NOWSPAR) in partnership with the National Sports Council of Zambia and the cooperation of the Ministry of Sport and Youth, Sport Department in Southern Province.

Speaking when receiving the recommendations of the Forum, Provincial Permanent Secretary Mr. Sibanze Simuchoba said upholding the integrity of sport is crucial and and critical to attaining good governance, which is demonstrated by transparency and accountability for resources expended.

SpeechesIn a speech read on his behalf, the Permanent Secretary acknowledged that the Sport Policy Forum was important for ensuring development and implementation of sport policy and service that is adequate and relevant within resources available to the government and its implementing agencies.

Participants in the Forum were representatives of the District Sport Advisory Committees, Provincial Advisory Committee, and Ministry Provincial Staff in the departments of Sport, Youth and Child Development. The Forum sessions where facilitated by NOWSPAR General Secretary Ms. Lombe Mwambwa.

The key themes that emerged from the Forum are the need for more platforms for policy monitoring which include both government officials and members of the sport community; access to information and resources and capacity development of the sector.

Trophy HandoverNational Sports Council of Zambia Board Member, Ms. Matilda Mwaba highlighted the National Sports Council’s interest in addressing all facets of sport development including policy and programme delivery. For this reason the NSCZ is investing in Talent Identification and support to district level sport structures to ensure implementation of programmes. The NSCZ donated a Trophy and shields to be used as prizes during the fourth coming Independence Cup. NOWSPAR also contributed a Trophy to be allocated to the Women’s Tournament and announced intentions to expand it’s Goal Programme for adolescent girls to the Province through various partnerships.

Ten key themes were agreed on as important for inclusion in this round of Policy review by the Ministry of Sport and Youth:

  1. Administration: Robust Systems, standards and capacity building
  2. Infrastructure: Sufficient, appropriate, accessible and conducive infrastructure
  3. Capacity Development: Systematic development of capacity of sport structures
  4. Funding: Adequate and timely funding for the sports structures and programmes
  5. Talent Identification: Structured, comprehensive, consistent programme with adequate human resource and standards
  6. Equipment: Appropriate, affordable and good quality equipment
  7. Coordination: Well aligned, inclusive, systematic and clear coordination
  8. Governance and Accountability : Transparent, accountable, capable and gender inclusive sport governance
  9. Safeguarding and Protection: Adequate system, standards, codes of conduct, training and reporting
  10. Platforms for engagement: Opportunity and capacity for participatory sport policy monitoring by service consumers

Participant's Group PicThe National Sports Policy (2009) is at present under review, the policy is the fundamental framework for resource allocation in the sector. It brings together the national development aims on one hand and local sporting ambitions on the other hand.

Considerations to be made during this process are that the delivery of sport services to all communities is a right and a commitment that affects the achievement of several interests of the citizens and the government including health, education, employability and diplomatic outcomes.

NOWSPAR, is engaging stakeholders through our Campaign ‘Sport for Everyone. Everywhere.’ to promote the provision of sport and physical activity to all in an effort to advance policy and programme action across sectors that results in access for all despite geographic location, class, disability, age or sex.

This campaign theme is also the theme of the Consultation in order to emphasise the spirit of inclusion, the ambition of diversity and the interest in a Sport Policy that results in service provision in sport that is fair and meets the needs of citizens throughout the Country.

The expectations of the stakeholders are that the resulting National Sports Policy will reflect the ambitions and priorities of the people while responding to the gaps, needs and opportunities.

For a long time, Sport Policy has focused on Sport competitions and infrastructure for high level competitions, one of the key considerations that should be made this time is for community level physical activity and sport participation.

NOWSPAR works to support stakeholders to ensure policy, practice and perceptions that are enabling for inclusive and equitable participation in sport for all especially girls and women. This event was delivered within the framework of NOWSPAR’s Girl Power (Women Win) and Every Body Matters (NIF) Programmes with tools and institutional capacity development in Policy Engagement and Social Accountability Mechanisms from the Zambian Governance Foundation between 2012 and 2015.


NSCZ Act Review in Progress

NSCZThe National Sports Council of Zambia Act is being revised to bring it up to date and to align to national priorities, policies and standards. This weekend the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) held a review workshop, in which NOWSPAR participated.

Our key interests are around gender, accountability and governance provisions. Results of this Workshop include a draft document to be presented to the NSCZ Membership for input as well as policy recommendations for immediate and long term implementation related to bringing into practice principles of good governance, accountability and development of sport in Zambia.

The next steps include consultations with the National Sports Associations affiliated to the Council in the next few weeks, consultations with other institutions regarding devolution and planning policy and legislative frameworks.

Our Executive Director Ms. Matilda Mwaba is a member of the Board of the NSCZ and Chairs the Gender Committee, our General Secretary Ms. Lombe Mwambwa attended on behalf of NOWSPAR.

NOWSPAR E.D on Sports Council Board

Matilda at Safeguarding Sport ConferenceJoin us in congratulating our Executive Director Ms. Matilda Mwaba on her election to the Board of the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ).

The NSCZ is the highest sport regulatory body in Zambia, established by an Act of Parliament to oversee, control, develop and regulate sport.

Her position on the Board is a strategic move to strengthen our influence and contribution to the development of sport in Zambia by providing advice, evidence and voice on gender issues in sport to the Council and its membership of 43 National Sport Governing bodies.

At regional level, Ms. Mwaba has been part of the Zone VI Women’s Committee by recommendation of the Ministry of Sport, being a part of the NSCZ strengthens her mandate and our opportunities for advocacy and lobbying as we endeavour to mobilise and influence the region and Africa as a whole to advance women in sport.

We look forward to an exciting journey and are optimistic of the impact that she will continue to have.
Secondly, we congratulate Ms. Alison Diedre of the Horse Society of Zambia for her election to the NSCZ Board, Ms. Diedre is currently Vice President of the Horse Society and a member of the Women in Sport Leadership Network.

Matilda and Alison are the only two females of the 7 elected members. More members including the Chairperson will be appointed in the next few weeks by the Minister of Sport. We look forward to the results of the appointments as we hope to have more women in this Board.

Godspeed ladies!

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