Women’s Sport Leadership Seminar

WSLN Seminar 05/06/15

WSLN Seminar 05/06/15

The Women in Sport Leadership Network Seminar with the theme: Determine the Change. Be Part of the Change was held on 5th June 2015 at the Protea Arcades Hotel.

The Seminar covered three key issues the results of our leadership survey, discussions on leadership ambitions and the International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG).

The Seminar theme is adopted from the IWG 2014 – 2018 theme in order to promote the aims of the IWG to advance principles of the Briton + Helsinki Declaration and the resolution to motivate collective action of women in sport at Continental level.

Featured imageThe 20 participants of the seminar were leaders from sport Associations and Clubs, University Students, Media and Health practitioners.

The meeting was started off with welcome speech by NOWSPAR General Secretary, Ms. Lombe Mwambwa. The Executive Director of NOWSPAR, Ms. Matilda Mwaba explained about the Women in Sports Leadership Network as the second speaker. She encouraged the members to continue inspiring and motivating other women in their respective organizations by sharing what the network is doing with them.

Ms. Aya Noguchi

Ms. Aya Noguchi

NOWSPAR Project Assistant Ms. Aya Noguchi presented  the She Leads Survey 2015. This survey has been conducted by NOWSPAR since 2010 to track the number of females who are in decision-making position in sports. This data has also been contributed to the IWG Sydney Scoreboard that tracks participation of women sport leaders across the world.

Ms. Changu Siwawa who is the IWG Resource Mobilization Manager explained about IWG and IWG International Conference. IWG, International Working Group on Women and Sports, started in 1994 and the first conference was held in the United Kingdom (UK).

Featured image

In the session on Career ambitions, individual participants had time to think about their individual next 2 years career plan and share them with fellow participants. Everybody had unique and strong ambitions in their own fields. Following discussions, some some members were able to find potential partners who can motivate and support each other to achieve their own goals. NOWSPAR Executive Director Ms. Mwaba thanked the member for attending the important meeting in the closing. She further mentioned of the vacant Positions on the Board of the National Sports Council Zambia and encourage the women to contest the election.

Featured imageThe overall aim of IWG is to serve as catalyst for the advancement and empowerment of women globally. IWG Conference has been held every after 4 year. In 2018, the 7th IWG International Conference will be happening in Gaborone, Botswana. The Theme of 7th World conference will be: ‘’Determine the Future: be part of the Change’’. The Local organizing committee in Botswana has decided to invite 1,200

delegates which will be consisted of 400 from the hosting country Botswana, 500 from other African countries and 300 from rest of the world.

The Seminar participants resolved to mobilise as many women in sport as possible to participate in the Conference. It was also an opportunity for her to explain how she is working with the IWG through NOWSPAR as African representative. NOWSPAR has done oral and poster presentations at IWG International Conferences in 2010 in Sydney and 2014 in Helsinki.

Lastly she thanked Miss Changu Siwawa for coming to the meeting and adding more value by her presentation and discussion. Also she mentioned that this coming August, the IWG Co-Chair will be visiting Zambia.

At the Seminar members shared the events that their organisations are having including the Fundraising Dinner Gala by the Handball Association. Opportunities for media coverage and public engagement and information on Diabetes. Please see more images of our Seminar here.

The Network hosts quarterly activities, last quarter Network members participated in the Women’s Sports Day on 7th March. Here are some images from the Seminar in 2014.


NOWSPAR at NCAA Inclusion Forum

IWG Panel at NCAA Inclusion Forum

IWG Panel at NCAA Inclusion Forum

The NCAA Inclusion Forum in La Jolla California, took place on 24th – 26th April, our Executive Director Ms. Matilda Mwaba who is Africa Representative to the IWG was presenting on NOWSPAR’s work.

She presented as part of the IWG Panel at the Forum, the Theme of the Panel was ‘Girls and Women’s Sports Progress: Around the World in 75 minutes’.

Panelists included Carole Oglesby, IWG Co-Chair, Etsuko Ogasawara, Japanese Association for Women in Sport, Kristina Thuree European Women in Sport and Susan Yee, Women and Sport Fiji.


The NCAA Inclusion Forum brings together intercollegiate athletics leaders passionate about improving the educational and professional environment for student-athletes, coaches and staff. Sessions engage on a broad range of topics related to policy, research and best practices for racial and ethnic minorities, women, international student-athletes, LGBTQ and disability-access to sport.’  NCAA.org

Women in Sport Leadership Network Meeting Kicks Off

She Leads

The Women in Sport Leadership Network kick-Off meeting will be held under the theme: Lead the Change. Be the Change and will bring together up to 20 women in sport from government, Sports Association and Civil Society for a half day meeting to deliberate on sport and leadership on Friday 3rd May 2013 at the National Sports Development Centre. The objectives of the Meeting:

  1. To introduce the Network to the participants and to get their input on for future activities
  2. To share the results of our tracking survey on women in sport leadership
  3. To provide a platform for multi-stakeholder focus on women’s engagement in leadership
  4. To gain insight on some of the needs of women in sport leadership
  5. To celebrate the women in sport leadership

Media are invited for the first part  of the meeting at 14:00 – 14:30 hrs.

The findings of our 2013 survey on women’s participation in leadership in sport shows that there is still a very low participation of women on boards of National Sports Associations in Zambia. Some data we have collected shows us that:

  • Out of the 33 National Sport Associations Surveyed, there are 306 Executive Committee Members and only 77 of these are women- a mere 39%
  • Only 8 out of the 33 National Sports Associations Surveyed have a female president
  • Only 2 out of the 13 Board Members of the National Olympic Committee of Zambia are women
  • National Association Boards have an average of 2 out of 13 female members

Our program called ‘She Leads’ is targeted at addressing this situation. The programme has three parts which combine advocacy, awareness, capacity development, networking, research and education. The programme is targeted at women and youth at all levels of sport, both recreation and professional sport. The programme aims at addressing gender inequality in and through sport by creating a mass of women and sports institutions that are responsive to the gendered lives of women and take relevant steps towards mainstreaming.

The program is delivered in three parts:

          I.            She Leads is a Campaign to raise awareness on the limited participation of girls and women in Sport Leadership. The campaign includes research activities, advocacy, media and public awareness.

II.            Leadership Score Card is a monitoring project to track the changes in women’s participation in sport leadership. The project is the legacy of the 5th IWG World Conference on Women and Sport held in Sydney, 2010. Every year we highlight the changes and use this information to inform our advocacy.

III.            The Women in Sport Leadership Network is a multi-stakeholder platform convened by NOWSPAR for women and girls in or aspiring for leadership in sport. The Network activities include capacity development, mentoring, advocacy and awareness forums.

Ms. Mwaba, Executive Director of NOWSPAR said ‘we want to see the women in sport to be the leaders of change in the sport community to be the role models of positive leadership.  We are committed to getting women engaged in leadership, not just to meet quota targets but to make a difference towards challenging the gender norms that have for a long time been barriers to women’s rights to decision making.

We have adopted the theme Lead the Change, Be the Change which is the theme of the IWG 6th World Conference on Women and Sport to be held in Helsinki, Finland in 2014. NOWSPAR’s Ms. Mwaba is a member of the IWG Steering Committee as co-opted member expert on Africa.

The Women in Sport Leadership Network is a NOWSPAR initiative implemented under our Every Body Matters II Programme with the support of the Nowergian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF).

2012: Full Steam Ahead for Women

The year 2012 is a landmark year for NOWSPAR and for the women’s movement in many ways. At NOWSPAR we celebrate our fifth year of advocacy for women’s right to and through sport, we thank you for your support and for your contributions of ideas, strategies and resources. We invite you to our 5th Anniversary Celebration; we will keep you updated about the date and time.

This year we are moving a step forward in our advocacy work, taking on the challenge of gender analysis of budgets in sport, capacity development towards addressing violence against women in sport and further equipping young women and girls in sport with skills to speak out for themselves.

More immediately, we are preparing to launch our programs for the period 2012 – 2015 during the commemoration of Women’s Day as we host our Women’s Sports Day in the various Chapters across the Country with sports activities, dance and media presentations among other activities.

In the Women and Sport Community, the International Working Group on Women and Sport is carrying on the Campaign to get more signatories to the Briton Declaration, while the IOC 5th World Conference on Women and Sport is taking place in Los Angeles in Carlifonia, USA with the theme ‘Together Stronger- The Future of Sport’.

We are keeping our eye on the biggest sporting event; the 2012 London Olympics, not only the games but the preparations, the parallel events and the legacy of the games.

Our eyes are also on our local sports scene, both competitive and educational; we are interested in visibility, resource allocation, safety and equality.

At global level, we look forward to the key programs happening in the first quarter of the year including the fifty-sixth session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from Monday, 27 February to Friday, 9 March 2012. The Priority theme: The empowerment of rural women and their role in poverty and hunger eradication, development and current challenges. Review theme:Financing for gender equality and the empowerment of women (agreed conclusions from the fifty-second session) Emerging issue: Engaging young women and men, girls and boys, to advance gender equality.

We are positive about this new year and look forward to working with you, come join us as an intern, volunteer, project sponsor, fundraiser or social networker the opportunities are endless.

So keep your eyes on this space, on our website http://www.nowspar.org, our facbook, twitter and YouTube.

2012, lets go!