Financial Literacy Week: Goal Activities

NOWSPAR has lined up a series of three (3) Financial Literacy sessions as part of the Goal program in three places namely Kalingalinga, Garden and Makeni. The sessions are focusing on financial literacy to commemorate Financial Literacy week which is from the 13th to the 19th of March 2015. The main life skills being explored are the art of saving, challenges to saving, budgeting and ways of making money.

The first session was held on 17th March 2015 in Kalingalinga with 31 girls aged between 9 and 18 of age of the EduSport Kalingalinga Sport Club who participate in Netball and Football teams were engaged in a group discussion and question and answer style of session. The participants gave information on what they already knew on the topics outlined and most of them seem to be well informed were making money and saving was concerned.

UntitledWhen I see that my mother has no money to give me to buy new clothes for Show Time [A Youth Variety Show], I start collecting pieces of cloth from tailoring shops and make door mats which I then sell and save the money till its enough for me to get the clothes I want” said Hope, a participant.

Other examples on how the girls make money included selling guavas which grow in most back yards, plaiting hair and freezing water in plastics for sell.

The participants however were not so familiar with the art of budgeting. The NOWSPAR team conducting the session played movement games that enforces this life skill and had a discussion to reinforce information and respond to questions.


…most of the times when I have money, I just go to the market and buy the things I see and I like but then when I get home I regret and wish that I still had my money .” Said Catherine, a 16 years old Netballer.

After all the games and discussions the girls were asked to reflect on their personal lives and see how they can improve the way they spend and the importance of saving from the little money they come across.


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Goal Event on International Day of the Girl Child

GoalPaxIDGCOver 300 adolescent girls gathered at the Olympic Youth Development Centre to participate in our Goal Event in celebration of International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2014. The Theme ‘Empowering Adolescent Girls: Breaking the Cycle of Violence’ reflects the aim of the Goal Program that has sessions covering financial literacy, prevention of violence, rights and health.

The Goal Event participants were drawn from various sports associations including Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Hockey, Martial Arts, Boxing, Football among others.




During the day, various sport stakeholders visited the event including the Ministry of Sport Permanent Secretary, IOC International Development officer, President of the National Olympic Committee and Patron of the Tuelings Award.

Goal Program was recognized and awarded a trophy for the Best Program on Youth Empowerment at the Tuelings Awards held on the same day by the Olympic Youth Development Centre.

Speaking at the Ceremony, OYDC Executive Director Mr. Clement Chileshe said the Goal Program was important to meeting the needs of young people and to the fulfillment of the mission of the OYDC.



During the week leading up to the event several media discussions were held discussing the role of sport in girls empowerment, how Goal works and to highlight the IDGC Goal Event.

NOWSPAR staff were featured on News programs, Talk Shows, Sport Programs and Magazine programs in English, Lozi, Bemba and Tonga on National TV, national and community radio stations.




GoalPaxCertificatesNOWSPAR is supported by Women Win and Standard Chartered to deliver Goal and this year has reached over 1,000 adolescent girls in schools and sports clubs.

Africa Freedom Day

Goal- Graduates

Goal Girls at last year’s graduation. Goal program promotes leadership development and protection from violence.

‘Africa Freedom Day is important, we should honor the past by working on a future where freedom means girls and women do not live in fear of violence. Sport is a space where girls and young women can freely develop their skills, ideas and abilities. We should safeguard this space and the young women by ensuring we take responsible care and actively prevent gender based violence which is a pressing issue in our society’  Matilda Mwaba


Day Of The Girl 2013

ImageThis year as we commemorate the 2nd International Day of the Girl Child on 11th October 2013, we let girls in sport speak for themselves and for fellow girls about their lives and the future they want. Because the girl is a force for change and has a right to shape her life, she speaks for herself.

We advocate with girls by supporting them to convene their forums and we continual to connect them with leaders in civil society, business, government and the general public to hear their views.

The theme this year is ‘Innovating for Girls Education‘, we implement the Goal program, in schools, to empowers girls to change their lives and their communities by providing an innovative approach to sport based leadership development that covers critical issues of gender, economic empowerment, health and rights.

ImageAs global leaders frame the priorities for Post 2015, we urge them to include views of girls in the planning processes.

On the Day of the Girl, we’ll facilitate a Forum that brings together 20 girls in sport to deliberate on key issues affecting them. We support the priority areas outlined in the Girl Declaration coordinated by our friends at the Girl Effect and we will be discussing these with our Girl Sport leaders next week and look forward to their views.

Proposed Goals for Post 2015

1. EDUCATION: Girls reach adulthood with relevant skills and knowledge to participate in economic, social and cultural life.

2. HEALTH: Girls have access to appropriate health services and possess the confidence to make healthy transitions to adulthood.

3. SAFETY: Girls are free from violence and exploitation and are supported by enforced laws, child protection systems and their communities.

4. ECONOMIC SECURITY: Girls can build and protect their economic assets and earn a safe income. Governments, communities and the private sector uphold girls’ economic rights.

5. CITIZENSHIP: Girls have equal access to services, opportunities, legal rights and personal freedom, and are able to fully participate as citizens of their communities.

Check out an example of true girls’ leadership from our partner Women Win: ‘Pallavi Gaikwad, a netball coach and youth leader from Naz Foundation in India delivered Women Win’s ‘Pitch for Partnerships’ speech on the Clinton Global Initiative main stage. She was not wearing a black suit or a white necktie. She did, however, share the stage with the likes of President Barack Obama, Melinda Gates and Bono.’ WomenWin

NOWSPAR Supports International Day of the Girl Child

The International Day of the Girl Child is an important platform for each of us to take account for our responsibilities to girls in our country. For the sport sector, we ask ourselves, have we delivered for girls? Have we listened to the girls in our programs? Have we sought out the girls who are excluded?

We also use this day to celebrate girls, the girls who are playing sport, who are being active, girls who are leading their peers, girls who are committed to their dreams and who stay in school or get back into school.

We continue to advance the understanding that physical education for girls is significant to girls’ development and contributes to reinforcing their education in other core areas that are focused on by our education system. But a brilliant mind in a physically inactive body will be limited in what can be achieved and the quality of life.

On this day, we remind ourselves of the work ahead of us, to secure the girls’ future by securing their girlhood. Vulnerability to abuse remains a key concern in our sector and community; we join with the rest of the world in taking a stand against child marriages and pregnancies. We are doing this by equipping girls to speak for themselves, to stand for their rights and to act towards their empowerment.

On behalf of NOWSPAR we call upon all stakeholders in sport to act for and with girls, to acknowledge their aspirations, voices and needs and to protect their girlhood.

Happy Day of the Girl Child- Matilda K. Mwaba