NOWSPAR Goal Girls Kick-Off International Day Of The Girl at Kapwelyomba Primary School

To kick-off NOWSPAR’s commemoration of the International Day of the Girl (11 October, 2018), five of our Goal girls at Kapwelyomba Primary school made presentations during their school assembly. In their presentations, they shared about their participation in the Goal program and the importance of being informed on their rights as young girls.
“As a girl who comes to Kapwelyomba, I have the right to be educated, and to be treated well by teachers and other pupils,” one participant, Cindy Kabwe, said. “We all should respect each other’s rights; we shouldn’t treat each other as things, but as people.”
The girls spoke to their peers about peer-pressure, the importance of independent and confident decision-making, personal hygiene, and the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and prioritisation when making financial decisions.
NOWSPAR will be supporting a series of community and school based activities around the country to commemorate the International Day of the Girl.
For more updates on NOWSPAR’s work during the International Day of the Girl, keep up with the organisation on our website,, and follow us on Twitter @nowspar. Join the conversation through the hashtag #DayoftheGirl

Come Celebrate 5 Years of Our Work

We are pleased to invite you to join us in celebrating 5 years of our work promoting women’s rights to and through sport and physical activity. NOWSPAR has over the last five years worked tirelesly to ensure women and girls are on the sport agenda and that sport stays on the tabl of the gender debate. We have worked with individual girls and women in sport to promote their visibilioty as well as enabling them to claim their rights to safety and just treatment. We have been involved in directly working with communities to support them develop sport clubs that are open and supportive of women. We have suported sport associations to develop policies and skills to get more women and girls involved. We have highlighted issues ranging from leadership, media, gender based violence, resource allocation and opportunities among others.

We have done all this with the support of partners locally and internationally, we would like to celebrate and thank you all for taking this journey with us. So join us for a special event on Saturday 26th May.