16 Days Activism on GBV: Equiping The Activists

GroupOur Project Leaders Mofu Kandondo and Fatima Tembo today ran a Forum for Goal Facilitators on GBV as part of preparations for the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence taking place on 25th November to 10th December 2014.

The Forum focused on addressing the role of Girls Sport leaders as activists through their daily action of overcoming gender barriers and stereotypes that prevail in sport and also by deliberately working on girls’ empowerment through delivery of the Goal Program.

I am proud to be able to share information that can affect the life of another girl positively through the Goal sessions that we do in the schools.’ Dorica

Goal Leaders- Bwalya,The Forum covered information on the 16 Days Campaign, sport and how it can contribute to addressing GBV as well as safeguarding sport participants from harm within the context of sport. Participants shared their experiences of GBV in their communities, families and the sport context.

‘This is very helpful for me, as I am now able to recognise that what was happening to me was violence and I have a right to not be treated that way.’ Shalom

ASession 2 major theme during the Forum was breaking the silence on GBV, participants identified silence as a barrier to prevention and response to GBV in our communities. Silence about sexual and reproductive health matters, gender inequality and silence on GBV occurances.

Speaking at the Forum, NOWSPAR General Secretary Lombe Mwambwa emphasised the significance of telling stories. ‘Consciously telling our stories to ourselves and to others is important to our role as leaders. Being able to do so will contribute to our ability to tell other girls’ and women’s stories with empathy and respect.

The participants were introduced to the Digital Story Telling approach as a tool for advocacy, for telling stories and stimulating conversations when these stories are shared but also for the platform that the process provides to individuals to tell their own stories.

SessionAdvocacy involves speaking out against harm and for one’s rights of those of others. The advocate therefore has a responsibility to be aware of themselves and their environment and to ensure they do not cause harm by staying silent or by the way they speak on behalf of the others.

The 23 Forum participants included Goal Facilitators and Coaches from the 2014 program as well as some newly recruited Facilitators who will be part of the team delivering Goal next year.

Goal Leaders are participating in campaign activities including media programs, running debates in schools and participating in Digital Story Telling Workshops.


Play Free! Safeguarding Sport from GBV

[24.11.12, Lusaka] The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Based Violence is a period that we value as we engage more intensely and closely with the issue of Gender Based Violence and with the global community addressing GBV.

NOWSPAR through it’s Play Free! Program is working to contribute to the safeguarding of sport by mobilising the various stakeholders to be aware of the problem and to recognise the opportunities for prevention and response.

NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba says ‘now more than ever, we need to be pragmatic about GBV, it’s not something that we leave at home, it happens everywhere and unfortunately within sport as well. In Zambia, we are mobilising the sports community to rise to the challenge and deal with it.’

Our role is to catalyse the action to prevent GBV such as by facilitating the appreciation of the issues by relevant government departments to ensure action is planned, resourced and accounted for. We are further engaging with sport organisations to explore their structural arrangements to ensure the issue of safety from GBV is integrated within the policies and practices that they have. The third aspect of this approach is cooperation with sport associations and organisations to facilitate access to the athletes and coaches and other personnel in order for them to be reached and trained as leaders and to speak out for themselves,

Gender Based Violence in Sport occurs in the context of a sport institution, between sport participants or practitioners, during or on the way to or from sport events or activities. Sport based violence falls under a wide spectrum of community violence which is elaborated by the World Health Organisation as ‘violence occurring in the public space or institutions among acquaintances or strangers.’

Our actions during this period include media discussions, youth forums, and meetings with sport institution leaders and with government.

Throughout the year, we are cognisant that sport is valuable in itself and as a platform and tool to achieve various development goals; this then drives us to be even more vigilant and proactive in preventing GBV. By engaging across sectors, having a multi -faceted program reinforced by commitment and will, we are confident that together, we can address this issue.

We look forward to a world where all can Play Free