NOWSPAR Goal Girls Kick-Off International Day Of The Girl at Kapwelyomba Primary School

To kick-off NOWSPAR’s commemoration of the International Day of the Girl (11 October, 2018), five of our Goal girls at Kapwelyomba Primary school made presentations during their school assembly. In their presentations, they shared about their participation in the Goal program and the importance of being informed on their rights as young girls.
“As a girl who comes to Kapwelyomba, I have the right to be educated, and to be treated well by teachers and other pupils,” one participant, Cindy Kabwe, said. “We all should respect each other’s rights; we shouldn’t treat each other as things, but as people.”
The girls spoke to their peers about peer-pressure, the importance of independent and confident decision-making, personal hygiene, and the difference between ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ and prioritisation when making financial decisions.
NOWSPAR will be supporting a series of community and school based activities around the country to commemorate the International Day of the Girl.
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NOWSPAR is Celebrating International Day of the Girl 2018!

October 11 2018 is the 7th annual International Day of the Girl, and NOWSPAR joins the rest of the world in taking action for girls.

The International Day of the Girl aims to highlight and address the needs and challenges that girls face, while promoting girls’ empowerment and the fulfillment of their human rights.

NOWSPAR believes and invests in girls in and through sport. The organisation uses sport-based methodology to equip girls with sport and life-skills including financial literacy, knowledge about their rights, and development. International Day of the Girl is an opportunity for girls to celebrate their achievements, while staying informed on issues concerning their well-being, human rights, and safety.

This year, NOWSPAR will be supporting a series of community and school based activities around the country to commemorate the International Day of the Girl. Young women leaders will be supporting girls’ action at Chitukuko Primary School, Kapwelyomba Primary School, Woodlands Secondary School, in Lusaka, as well as schools in Chongwe, Kasisi, Ndola and Petauke Districts.

For more updates on NOWSPAR’s work during the International Day of the Girl, keep up with the organization on our website,, and follow us on Twitter @nowspar. #DayoftheGirl

NOWSPAR teaches girls to ‘Be Independent’ at Goal Event.

On Saturday, 23 September 2018, NOWSPAR held a community event celebrating the organisation’s long-running Goal programme, a sport- and life-skills programme designed to facilitate the empowerment of adolescent girls and young women.

Reaching 345 girls and young women between the ages of 10 and 24, the event served as the launch of ‘Be Independent’. Be Independent is a new component of the Goal curriculum designed to contribute to enabling young women to develop skills to access income generating opportunities.

Dorcas Kashinda is one of participants who has developed to be a Goal Champion. She gave a speech at the launch event in which she thanked NOWSPAR, Standard Chartered Bank and everybody who showed continuous support of the girl child, for the opportunities Goal has created to empower girls.

“I stand here today as a living testimony of the impact that Goal has on girls’ lives.” Dorcas stated. “Through Goal, I have learned to be a confident girl and take up challenges I would otherwise never have thought of. Goal has enabled me and thousands of young girls to make informed decisions about our futures.”

The participants were also excited to have been a part of the event, expressing happiness and excitement about having learned about their power as young women. “The experience was great!” said 22 year-old Sharon Phiri. “I’ve learned a lot, especially about communication. Whenever you want to achieve something, it’s important to communicate your needs so that everybody can work together.”

Other young women were grateful to have been able to spend a day away from their every day community activities to spend time to think about and plan for their futures. Pauline Lungu, 15, said, “Being here means I’m not in the compound, where I would’ve have likely gotten into trouble. I’ve left a bad place to come to a good place.”

Pauline also added that she felt she’d taken a lot of useful content from the Goal lessons. “I’ll follow everything that I was taught at this event,” she said. “I’ve learned about cleanliness and teamwork. I’ve made some good friends, and I now know how to deal with different people.”

Officiating at the event were Ms. Grace Soko, a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, and Guest of Honour Mr. Simon Kapilima, Zambia’s Ministry of Gender’s Assistant Director. Additionally, the girls’ and young women and NOWSPAR also received full support from partners, Standard Chartered Bank and Women Win, as well as representatives from the organisation’s own Board of Trustees.

Throughout the day, the girls participated in various sports-based life-skills sessions–sessions that have been successfully running in schools around the country since the program’s inception in 2014, handled by trained Facilitators from NOWSPAR that focused on Goal’s four core modules: Communication, Health and Hygiene, Rights, and Financial Literacy. Furthermore, the girls had the option of participating in either a Football or a Netball match, as the event’s main sporting activity. By day’s end, the event saw many satisfied and happy girls, armed with brand new, valuable, and life-changing knowledge and experiences.

NOWSPAR would like to thank our partners, the schools, and everyone that contributed to ensuring the success of the Community Event. The organisation continues to work on facilitating opportunities to reach and empower even more girls in communities throughout the country.

Table Tennis Association Hosts Tournament

T.T              T.T Game

The Zambia Table Tennis Association  hosted a Junior Tournament for girls and boys in Lusaka where 10 community clubs participated with about 30 girls and close to 50 boys aged between 8 and 16. Some of the athletes in the tournament were part of the Goal Event held on 11th October 2014. ZTTA is a member of NOWSPAR and has been participating in Gender Workshops and Conferences. NOWSPAR recently donated Coaching Manuals, Table Tennis Balls and Racquets to ZTTA for their girls program, these were received from the ITTF Dream Building Project in partnership with the UNOSDP Youth Camp held in Germany in 2012 at which our youth leader Rachael Namushi was a participant.

Ms. Mwaba Eulogises President Sata

IMG-20141102-WA0011NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba was on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation Television on Sunday 2nd November at 10:20pm to speak about her interaction and views of the Late President H.E Michael C. Sata’s work as President and his impact on sport.

President Sata had the spirit of Sport he demonstrated this by the way he conducted his political career with persistence, resilience and focus until he achieved his goal despite several failures and setbacks.

To begin with, in our congratulations message to H.E Mr. Sata in September 2011 we urged him to:
– Ensure legislation on Sport was up to date
– Invest in infrastructure
– Support domestication of gender related human rights commitment
– Ensure accountability of sport institutions receiving public funds

Overall, we think he was leading the government in acting on these priorities as they fall within broad national aims that go beyond sport.

He was committed to improving the welfare of poor people
– He prompted the improvement of the minimum wage allowing more people to have increased disposable income. The result of that is some households now can afford to spend on Sport activities
– Investment in construction of universities in the provinces is not only benefiting education,  these institutions will have sport facilities to benefit the Country

A demonstration of his commitment for example was, the government ensuring Zambia hosted the Zone VI Games by acting to provide the funding to do it and the infrastructure was developed in a short period.

Although he was not so sport inclined in particular, his impact on Sport is through general social and economic policies:
1. Reduction of taxes on sports goods
2. Promoting international investment in general to increase national income which we believe resulted in increased budget allocation to sport
3. Elevation of Gender Division to a full Ministry meaning more capacity for the Gender institution to engage across issues including sport
4. His demand for accountability and performance checks across all Ministries is important even for the Ministry of sport
His stance on reducing corruption in the country, inspired cross sector action. Even the sport community started to look internally and address this issue that has gone unresolved for a long time.

The Sports Community should honor him by following his example of:

1. Putting Women in Leadership: He believed in women to lead, as shown by their appointment as Police Inspector General, Drug Enforcement Commissioner, Chief Justice and several Permanent Secretaries. Sport should ensure women in leadership develop.
2. Making tangible long term investments: eg Roads and Universities. Sport should ensure facilities are developed and maintained as well as strategic relationships with schools for shared access.
3. Considering the disadvantaged such as low income and rural areas:  He ensured investment in far flung areas by doing schools and hospitals and creation of new districts. Sport programs should be spread to rural areas as well to improve access for all.

NOWSPAR shared it’s deepest sympathy with the first family and the nation at large.

Zambia at 50: Celebrating Sport for Development

S4DZambia is celebrating it’s 50 years of independence, considering the role of sport in development, the National Sports Council of Zambia in partnership with sport for development organisations NOWSPAR, Sport in Action and Edusport Foundation with the support of the Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF) held a workshop and a sports festival.

The festival brought together over 250 youths to participate in basketball, football, netball, volleyball competitions and life skills sessions. Life skills sessions were conducted by peer leaders using Kicking AIDS Out and Goal Curriculum Games.


SafeguardWorkshopA workshop was conducted before the festival for a group of 50 staff, coaches, referees, volunteers and life skill facilitators on Safeguarding and Protection in sport based on the International Safeguards for Children in Sport.

The workshop served the purpose of raising awareness among youth leaders in the organisations on the 8 safeguards, to reflect on their roles in creating and sustaining a safe sporting environment and to contribute to building and delivering a safeguarding framework that is based on the reality they face as they work in sport. Sessions were run by a combined team of staff of NOWSPAR, Edusport and Sport in Action.


GamesThe event was officially opened by the Deputy Minister of Sport, Director of Sport, the Chairman of the National Sports Council of Zambia and NGO leaders. The Deputy Minister of Sport noted that sport is a corner stone for development both at national and international levels because sport is a drive for positive behaviour change among young people as it deters the from engaging in bad vices such as early marriages, smocking, and beer drinking.

Several media interviews were done on National Television and Radio channels to highlight the event as well as the contribution of sport for development approaches and organisations to the development of the country and sport.


SfDParticipantSpeechGoal Champion Doreen Kayumba presented a vote of thanks on behalf of the participants, she reminded her fellow participants to avoid engaging themselves in life threatening activities and behave responsibly if they are to become strong leaders. Doreen made an appeal to the Ministry of Sport to extend the scholarship opportunities and income generating activities to organisations involved in sport for development.