She Speaks for Herself

‘She Speaks for Herself’  is a program to facilitate young people’s involvement in changing their lives and their communities through youth led advocacy.  The programme is aimed at developing skills and platforms for youth engagement with advocacy issues and processes within their organisations as well as across the sport for development sector.

It is part of our strategy for mobilising the sport for development community to conduct advocacy individually and in coalition.

Program activities include training, media work, networking, youth forums, community awareness and lobbying within institutions and in wider communities.

Advocacy within the sport sector has been inconsistent and in Zambia mainly conducted by a few organisations on case by case issues. However, it is significant to have advocacy as a deliberate  ongoing process within the sector. It is also a critical skill and strategy for advancing the right to sport and addressing the issues that respective communities face.

The sport for development sector has a broad involvement of youth in delivery and design of sport delivery and life skills programmes, however their has been a gap in the participation of youth in advocacy work. This program provides an opportunity to bridge this gap  and to create strong partnerships among organisations and youth in the sector- it is our contribution to the developement of a generation of women and men who speak for themselves!

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