Play Free- Parents Playing Goal GameNOWSPAR is a women led Zambian organisation established in 2006 to promote women’s rights to sport, physical activity, physical education, fitness, and recreation.

We advocate for increased participation of women and girls in sports at all levels.


 2019-2023 Strategic Focus: Strengthening the sports sector to deliver for girls and women

NOWSPAR takes the following actions: 

  1. Enganging policy to deliver for girls and women: Better Rights Based Policy
  • Rights based planning and service delivery
  • Accountability and democratic practice
  • Mobilise evidence and learning
  1. Strengthening of CSOs in and out of sport: Stronger Organisations
  • Supporting SfD organisations starting up
  • Resourcing start up sport organisations
  • Enabling capacity for advocacy
  • Leadership and governance
  • Enable organisations to engange with policy
  1. Mobilising for advocacy: Together to Achieve More
  • Local networks
  • Africa networks
  • Inter Sector Networks
  1. Internal Organisational Capacity Development
  • Staff development
  • HR Budgets
  • Linkage to networks
  • Land, training centers
  • Resources to get work done

In the areas of:

  1. Building coalitions and networks of women and girls in sport
  2. Resourcing advocacy and services for women and girls rights to sport
  3. Advancing women and girls social, economic, and political rights

So that:

  1. Women and sport organisations and networks are active, strong and capable
  2. Sport organisations are equipped and better positioned to challenge inequalities within and outside of the sport sector
  3. Cultures, policies, and practices within the sport sector are just and empowering for women and girls





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