Sport takes me from I can’t to I Can

Speaking during prog.

‘I enjoy playing sport and I was very happy about my parents supporting me to join the [Goal] program at my school’ Elizabeth

‘Sport takes me from a world of I can’t to the world of I can.’ Monica

The two Goal girls were speaking during a radio discussion aired on Radio Christian Voice on Sunday 18th May 2014. The panel was comprised of Goal participants Elizabeth and Monica, Coordinator of Girl Power Club at Lusaka West School Ms. Kawama and NOWSPAR Staff Ms. Mofu Kandondo who coordinates the Goal Program.

Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo Speaking about Goal

NOWSPAR Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo speaking about the Goal program.


NOWSPAR Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo talked about the right to sport for girls and how the Goal program provides an opportunity to be physically active and to develop leadership skills.

Lusaka West School Physical Education Teacher and Girl Power Club Coordinator discussed some of the challenges that girls face in playing sport are beliefs that sport causes infertility and loss of virginity.

Lusaka West School this year started a Girl Power Club with NOWSPAR support and has 100 girls in grades 8, 10 and 11 participating in sport and life skills sessions based on the Goal curriculum.




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