Goal Coaches Workshop

IMG-20140514-WA0002[14.05.14 Mofu Kandondo] The Goal Coaches training was being done yesterday and today and it went well. We have 16 coaches participating who support the running of sessions in schools where NOWSPAR delivers Goal.

Sessions on day one included participants’ introductions and expectations. The group then moved to cover qualities they have and would like to have to be good coaches. The sessions covered the coaching process and how to make sport sessions more effective.





Isaac Mwaniki and Anita Thorsen YSEP Volunteers running a session on sport coaching.



The training focused on coaching two sports in particular as a reference, football and netball. The sessions looked at how to conduct a football and netball sessions, the rules, having the right equipment and included football and netball practical sessions.

The day was filled with lots of discussion with the facilitators and also the coaches themselves, it was very participatory.






Another key component of the discussions was on safety and protection; discussion looked at physical and emotional safety. Sessions also covered choosing the right activity to suit participants capacity as an issue of safety and effective coaching, also in order to include participants with disabilities.

We also looked at some of the challenges they may face as coaches in conducting their sports sessions and how they can deal with those issues such as working with insufficient equipment, limited time and space, girls with limited confidence and skills as well as managing time.



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