Africa Freedom Day

Goal- Graduates

Goal Girls at last year’s graduation. Goal program promotes leadership development and protection from violence.

‘Africa Freedom Day is important, we should honor the past by working on a future where freedom means girls and women do not live in fear of violence. Sport is a space where girls and young women can freely develop their skills, ideas and abilities. We should safeguard this space and the young women by ensuring we take responsible care and actively prevent gender based violence which is a pressing issue in our society’  Matilda Mwaba


Play Free! Safeguarding Shepolopolo

NOWSPAR in partnership with the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Women’s Football Department conducted a Safeguarding Workshop with the members of the Women’s Under 17 National Football Team.
PresentationsThe workshop explored issues of gender relations, women’s rights, dealing with increase in income and popularity, vulnerability and power and recognising and dealing with gender based violence and codes of conduct.
Through a mix of presentations, discussions, question and answer style sessions, the workshop engaged both players and technical staff of the Team to provide information on gender based violence, on reporting facilities including Life Line 116 which is toll free, being a support network for one another as a team and the duty of care that technical staff have.
Ms. Mwaba presenting on ProtectionKey issues that arose include low allowances for players, limited camping time, insufficient training equipment and apparel, verbal abuse and requests for sexual favours from male players and technical staff not just of the team but around the facility where they are and in their communities as well.
One of the players said, ‘Sometimes you find that when a girl refuses to give in to sexual favours to a coach, he will tell her to be on the bench. He will even tell you that you will be on the bench for the rest of your life
Group DiscussionsThe discussions also raised issues of players also making sexual advances at coaches and managers. The ambitions and desire to be on the national team can be so strong that some will want to take this high risk to be on the team. Other factors include the attraction of money that is offered by men acting inappropriately towards girls.
Sometimes you really want to be on the team and if you are offered money you get tempted to make yourself available to coaches or other male staff who want to have sex with you.’ Another girls said.
The team manager was pointed out as a key person in the reporting system in cases of vulnerability or impropriety.
I always tell the girls that coaches are not interested in powder [beauty] but in football. I point out to the girls that if the coach wants to harm you, report to the team manager but if you wrongly accuse the coach, the coach will take you to court. I often tell the girls that they have the power within them to resist.’ One male coach said.
Some agreed steps for moving forward include another workshop to cover some of the topics in detail and taking forward the results and issues raised to the Women’s Football Committee for action.
The workshop had 23 players and 7 technical staff 4 of whom are male.
The technical team said this was a good initiative as they too are learning some of the practices that they may have are inappropriate and are also encouraged because safeguarding the welfare of the team was a collective responsibility.

The girls were presented with T-Shirts labelled Sheroes – Shepolopolo to encourage them and support them in their role as national flag carriers, sport ambassadors and contributing to breaking the stereotype that football is men’s sport.

NOWSPAR is part of the FAZ National Committee on Development of Women’s Football, the Football Association has been actively engaging with NOWSPAR on promoting women’s football, addressing gender issues and on safeguarding in particular.

This workshop is part of the strategies towards education of players and technical staff agreed in the 2011 Guidelines on Addressing Gender Based Violence in Sport, the 2013 Integrity of Sport Conference and the FIFA Com-Unity Seminar.
The Shepolopolo Team are in camp getting ready for their friendly match to be played against Zimbabwe on Saturday 24th May in Harare.

2nd Integrity of Sport Conference

Play Free- LogoNOWSPAR is pleased to present the 2nd Integrity of Sport Conference  to be held in partnership with the National Sports Council of Zambia on Friday 30th May 2014 at Cresta Golfview Hotel in Lusaka.


This is the second in a series, the first of which was held last year and key recommendations adopted by the sports community towards development of policies, structures and programs to promote safeguarding and protection.


This meeting, we will bring together key stakeholders in the development and governance of sport in Zambia to look at efforts to promote safeguarding and protection within sport. Key speakers include the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Sport, the Chairman of the National Sports Council. The Conference will include presentations from National Sport Associations and Sport for Development Organisation, coaches and athletes’ panel as well as deliberations on some of the key lessons to be presented by NOWSPAR from its work and strategising on steps forward. See program here.


This program is generously supported by the Norwegian Olympic Committee, The Zambia Governance Foundation, Women Win and the Government of Zambia Ministry of Sport and Ministry of Education.

Sport takes me from I can’t to I Can

Speaking during prog.

‘I enjoy playing sport and I was very happy about my parents supporting me to join the [Goal] program at my school’ Elizabeth

‘Sport takes me from a world of I can’t to the world of I can.’ Monica

The two Goal girls were speaking during a radio discussion aired on Radio Christian Voice on Sunday 18th May 2014. The panel was comprised of Goal participants Elizabeth and Monica, Coordinator of Girl Power Club at Lusaka West School Ms. Kawama and NOWSPAR Staff Ms. Mofu Kandondo who coordinates the Goal Program.

Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo Speaking about Goal

NOWSPAR Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo speaking about the Goal program.


NOWSPAR Goal Coordinator Mofu Kandondo talked about the right to sport for girls and how the Goal program provides an opportunity to be physically active and to develop leadership skills.

Lusaka West School Physical Education Teacher and Girl Power Club Coordinator discussed some of the challenges that girls face in playing sport are beliefs that sport causes infertility and loss of virginity.

Lusaka West School this year started a Girl Power Club with NOWSPAR support and has 100 girls in grades 8, 10 and 11 participating in sport and life skills sessions based on the Goal curriculum.



Matilda Mwaba to Represent Africa on World Body for Women and Sport 2015 – 2018

The International Working Group on Women and Sport (IWG) a global high level body that advocates for women’s rights to sport yesterday announced the regional representatives for its Steering Committee for 2015 – 2018 and Zambia’s Matilda Mwaba has been selected as Africa Representative.

NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba at the Victoria Falls in Livingstone, Zambia.

NOWSPAR is honoured that our Executive Director will serve Africa at the IWG steering Committee which is comprised of representatives from all regions of the world drawn from government, civil society and academic bodies.


Established in 1994, the IWG has influence and connection with various high level bodies including the UN Office on Sport for Development and Peace, SportAccord, UNCSW, International Sport Federations and Networks.
One of the core mandates of the IWG is to advance the implementation of the Brighton Declaration of 1994, to support development of a global women and sport movement and regional mobilisation of women and sport structures. A second mandate is to convene the World Conference on Women and Sport every four years, the 6th edition is taking place in Helsinki, Finland on June 12th – 15th.
In the last quadrennial, the IWG Chair and Secretariat was held by Finland, following a successful bid, Botswana National Sports Council will be Chairing the IWG and hosting the Secretariate from 2015 – 2018 when the next World Conference will be held in Gaberone.
Ms. Mwaba served the last four years as a Co-Opted expert advising on women in sport in Africa. In the new term she is Africa representative while another African expert will be Co-opted when the Steering Committee convenes in Helsinki this June.
This development is cardinal as it reflects Zambia’s leadership in the efforts towards advancing women’s right to sport  and will contribute to raising the international standing of our country as actively pursuing the principles of the Brighton Declaration, the AU

protocols and CEDAW among other international obligations.
Getting effective functioning and impact of Ms. Mwaba’s voice at this high level platform will require the material, political and strategic support of the Zambian government through the Ministry of Sport and the National Sports Council, the regional structures of sport within the AU and sport civil society in Zambia and Africa.
NOWSPAR is grateful for the support from various partners the Ministry of Sport for strategic support and the Norwegian Olympic Committee for its support towards meeting costs of Ms. Mwaba’s participation on the IWG the last four years.
This morning the Women in Sport Leadership Network celebrated Ms. Mwaba’s new position and are proud that Zambia is representing Africa at this strategic level.
We wish Ms. Mwaba good health and best wishes as she takes Africa’s women in sport forward.
Mutinta Mweembe
NOWSPAR Board Chairperson

Sport Leadership Breakfast

Besa Chibwe - Women's National Football Team Manager

Women’s U20 National Football Team Manager Ms.Besa Chibwe sharing during the ‘Recognising My Assets’ Session

Gabriella sharing

Gabriella talking about her role in administering sport at her institutions and the commitment to promote diversity of sport for women.


Lombe, Pauline and Diane discussing ideas supporting Women’s Participation in collegiate sport through the Federation of University Sport.

Give and Take

Diana Hansi NOWSPAR Youth Leader sharing contacts and ideas for leadership development with Christine.

Maketo Speaking

Maketo N’gombe Network Coordinator speaking about her leadership development and her role at NOWSPAR.

Sharing among Sheroes

Shero Jenifer of OYDC, Hanifa, Goal Champion and Sharon Goal Sister leader interacting.

Matilda and Besa

Besa and Matilda during the Breakfast, sharing ideas on supporting leadership development among young women in football.

Sharon and D.

Sharon and Deasis discussing developing sport for women and church groups.

Goal Coaches Workshop

IMG-20140514-WA0002[14.05.14 Mofu Kandondo] The Goal Coaches training was being done yesterday and today and it went well. We have 16 coaches participating who support the running of sessions in schools where NOWSPAR delivers Goal.

Sessions on day one included participants’ introductions and expectations. The group then moved to cover qualities they have and would like to have to be good coaches. The sessions covered the coaching process and how to make sport sessions more effective.





Isaac Mwaniki and Anita Thorsen YSEP Volunteers running a session on sport coaching.



The training focused on coaching two sports in particular as a reference, football and netball. The sessions looked at how to conduct a football and netball sessions, the rules, having the right equipment and included football and netball practical sessions.

The day was filled with lots of discussion with the facilitators and also the coaches themselves, it was very participatory.






Another key component of the discussions was on safety and protection; discussion looked at physical and emotional safety. Sessions also covered choosing the right activity to suit participants capacity as an issue of safety and effective coaching, also in order to include participants with disabilities.

We also looked at some of the challenges they may face as coaches in conducting their sports sessions and how they can deal with those issues such as working with insufficient equipment, limited time and space, girls with limited confidence and skills as well as managing time.


Sociology of Sport Seminar

NOWSPAR’s Gen Secretary, Ms. Lombe Mwambwa was one of the speakers at the Sociology of Sport Seminar on Gender hosted by the University of Zambia. The Seminar was attended by about 50 graduate and undergraduate students in the School of Education with a focus on Physical Education.

At the opening of the Seminar, the Dean of the School of Education said ‘one of the aims of hosting this platform is to break the long standing isolation of the academic community from practitioners and participants. It is important to interact and learn from the sports community themselves and not just what is in the books.’

UNZA Sociology of Sport Seminar

UNZA Sociology of Sport Seminar

The other speakers were Ms. Grace Soko from the Ministry of Sport, Ms. Matilda Mwaba (NOWSPAR Director) representing the National Sports Council, Ms. Brenda Chipande National Olympic Committee and Mr. Mwape Nshimbi University of Zambia Sport and Recreation Department.

The Speakers each gave presentations about the mandate of their institutions and the strategies they use to contribute to addressing gender issues in sport. Then a question and answer session was conducted that stimulated diverse views and helped to demonstrate how the organisations in the sport sector are connected, how they interact and how each plays a key role in developing sport.

Themes covered included policy development, limitations in availability of research, feminist approaches to addressing gender issues, discrimination in coaching positions, accountability, governance, challenges around sexuality and identities within sport, resource allocation and media coverage.

‘Whatever we say and do in our communities affects performance in sport, for example the talk of women being incapable. But it is a challenge to women to have courage and be capable and join hands to win the gender equity battle. I am pleased with how the same issues passed from government to NSCZ to NOCZ to NOWSPAR then I realized the issue of gender equality is our collective responsibility. It takes all the people of Zambia to develop sport in Zambia.’ One of the Masters Students said in a Vote of thanks at the end of the Seminar.

The seminar was hosted by Mr. Hikabwa Chipande who reminded the students that ‘academia should engage with sport practitioners and contribute to providing scholarly solutions to issues and also to get a better contextual understanding of the theoretical perspectives they encounter in their studies.’

Protection is a good governance issue

E.D on Breakfast ShowNOWSPAR Executive Director  Ms. Matilda Mwaba was this morning on Muvi T.V Breakfast Show where she discussed the important of ensuring sport is adequately resourced by the state. She also talked about the critical need for developing good governance systems and practices within sport institutions. ‘Part of good governance is accountability for resources as well as for the safety and protection of sport participants from harm and abuse.’ She reminded sport organisation and the government to exercise fairness in rewards and recognition of athletes as at present male athletes seem to get more applauded than females, especially those in smaller sport organisations.

Peer Leaders Training in Kafue

“I believe the Kicking AIDS Out program will expose me to more skills that I’ll use to positively influence my community” says Mary one of the peer leaders at Kafue Queens Club.

The Kicking AIDS OKao Kafue 2ut network training program includes development of youth leaders and coaches through mentoring and support. In line with this, NOWSPAR Kicking AIDS Out Leaders Maketo Ng’ombe and Isaac Mwaniki conducted a refresher peer leaders training with 15 girls at Kafue Queens.

Kafue Queens is a sports club affiliated to NOWSPAR and runs football and netball teams for girls. Part of our support to the club is sport equipment, trainings and events to contribute to the clubs development. One of the clubs main objectives is to deal with the high and rising number of HIV/AIDS infections in the area and prevention of early marriages. The Kicking AIDS Out peer leadership program provides a good opportunity to equip them to work towards their goal.

The workshop was attended by 15 girls and young women who are already peer leaders, the workshop was there to provide an introduction to the Kicking Aids Out concept and facilitate a platform to select some leaders for further training. The workshop covered some concepts which included; why sports as a tool, roles and responsibilities of peer leaders, movement games and networking.

KAO - KafueAmong the participant, Mwansa Given and Mary Chinkoni were selected to participate in the planned upcoming kicking aids out peer leaders level one training to be held on 26th May in Lusaka.

‘We have received a lot of positive feedback from the participants’ reflects Petronellah. ‘NOWSPAR will continue to support the peer leaders and encourage more young women to be involved.’

Mr. Yasini the sports coordinator for the club was very appreciative of NOWSPAR’s support and the benefits of the program to the girls. ‘The girls have gained a lot of knowledge and are eager to learn more, this will help us to deal with the biggest challenge of HIV/AIDS in our community with a much better way.’ He said.