January Highlights!

NOWSPAR Engages NSCZ in Improving Sports Governance in Zambia


Matilda Mwaba (NOWSPAR) and Man Muchimba (NSCZ) at the Radio 4 studio

Last May, NOWSPAR in partnership with the National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) held a workshop under the theme, “Upholding the Integrity in Sport” for all the National Sport Governing bodies and Sport Associations in Zambia. The workshop focused on creating a shared

NSCZ governs. NOWSPAR is particularly excited about this task to develop and improve sport governance standards because weak sport governance is a major barrier to gender mainstreaming in sport.

NOWSPAR Executive Director, Matilda Mwaba, joined NSCZ General Secretary Man Muchimba on the Inter-Sport programme on Radio 4 to share with the nation the plans of improving and streamlining governance in Zambia’s sports sector. Radio 4’s estimated 4 million listeners were informed of NSCZ’s plan to ensure that sport development funds sourced from the government, civil society and corporate sector will be inclusive and managed more effectively by stronger governance structures.

In addition to improving governance, Ms. Mwaba aims to ensure that the SADC Protocol on Gender and Development is honored by ensuring gender mainstreaming will be a priority for all sports bodies in Zambia.

NOWSPAR Donates Gear to the Zambian Girls Table-Tennis Team


Table-tennis team poses with some of the gear donated by NOWSPAR

From 31st January to 2nd February, Zambia hosted the International Table Tennis Confederation of Southern African Associations Zone VI tournament. Girls and boys hailing from Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Angola gathered at the Olympic Youth Development Center in Lusaka for the tournament.

NOWSPAR awarded the Girls National Table-Tennis team with well-deserved sports gear.

Ruth Banda, 13, said “This is my first time at this type of tournament and I am so proud to represent Zambia. I would like to thank NOWSPAR for their continued support and for encouraging girls that it is ok to participate in sport.” The Zambian Girls Table-Tennis team was awarded the bronze medal at the end of the tournament.

Profile: The Kaunda Square League

21st October, 2013 marked the launch of the Kaunda Square community football league. The aim of the league was to inspire young girls to participate in sports and break the perception that girls cannot and should not participate in the same sport as boys. The league registered ten teams attracting 220 youths with more than 40 girls actively participating. The league has been a big success and many girls are being praised for their skills on the field. The league has also been an inspiration to the community and every Saturday, members of the community gather to watch the games thus altering how they perceive the participation of women and girls in sports.


Female coach addressing her mixed-gender team

NOWSPAR has supported the community and league by including the participants in workshops such as the Safeguarding and Protection workshop. The organization has further supported the league by donating awards including footballs for the top four teams, jerseys for the winning team and NOWSPAR bags which will go to the most consistent team in the league.

This successful league was spearheaded by Isaac Mwaniki, a Youth Sport Exchange Program volunteer from Kenya who is based at NOWSPAR. Mwaniki says, “Being involved in the community has been a rewarding experience. I initiated this league which, for the first time, involves girls playing in the same team thus breaking the belief that girl and women should not participate in the same sport as boys and men.”


Isaac Mwaniki, YSEP volunteer from Kenya.


As league administrator, Mwaniki has been able to assist with making sure the chapter gains a sustainable sports structure with the help of the community leaders.

The league ended on 1st February, 2014. However, there are more teams requesting to participate in the next league which is anticipated to commence on 1st March. The main objective will be to involve more girls in the league and support girls; participation in sports.

Gearing Up For International Women’s Day!

The Ministry of Gender and Child Development in collaboration with other stakeholders has started planning national activities for International Women’s day that falls on 8th March, 2014. The national theme is Inspiring Change: Celebrating 50 years of Women’s Excellence and Achievements. In preparation for Women’s week and International Women’s Day, NOWSPAR will be part of the Awards Committee which will be in charge of organizing an awards ceremony recognizing and celebrating nominated Zambian women and their achievements, including those in sports.

Queen’s Baton Relay


NOWSPAR’s Executive Director carries the Queen’s baton


The Queen’s Baton Relay is a relay around the world held prior to the beginning of the Commonwealth games. This relay symbolizes the unity of all Commonwealth countries and territories as they come together to celebrate sport and culture. The Queen’s baton will pass through 70 countries and territories in 288 days, covering 190,000 kilometres.

The Queen’s baton made its way through Lusaka on 28th January and NOWSPAR’s Executive Director, Matilda Mwaba, was part of the relay and the festivities where she carried the Queen’s Baton.

This prestigious event was organised by the National Olympic Committee of Zambia (NOCZ). Vice- President Guy Scott flagged off the event and His Excellency, the first President of Zambia, Kenneth Kaunda also participated in the relay.

NOWSPAR Officer Selected as Young Fellow Leader

Natasha Lemba, NOWSPAR Documentation Officer, was recently selected by Amsterdam-based organization Women Win, as a Young Fellow Leader (YFL). Natasha will be part of a group of young women from around the world who have been identified as emerging leaders in the sport for development field. The young leaders will participate in a Digital Storytelling and Leadership camp in Amsterdam, and will also meet with international mentors who will help them with their Community Change projects; a project that requires them to identify and address problems in their home organizations and communities.


Natasha Lemba, NOWSPAR Documentation Officer


Digitizing the Change!

From 3rd – 5th December, NOWSPAR in partnership with Women Win organized a workshop to teach technical skills to women and girls hailing from grassroots sport organizations to tell their stories through Digital Storytelling (DST). Digital stories are narrated first-person scripts that are matched with photographs, drawings, music and sound effects to create a story that can be easily shared with a large group of people and published online to be made available to an international audience.

The workshop focused on Audio Storytelling (AST) which uses voice, music and sound effects to make a recording that can be made accessible online and through other platforms such as radio and television. There were 8 female participants from sport associations and below is an excerpt of one of our participants Miyoba who is a ­­­­­ member and athlete at Miracle Disable Group.


“I am the only disabled person in my family. This was a surprise for my parents but they love and treat me the same way they treat my brothers and sisters […] my parents make a big difference in my life and not a lot of disabled children have the love and support that I have. I want to advise parents who have children with disabilities not to abandon them because they did not choose to be that way. I want to thank Mrs.Tembo who told my parents about a sports association that believes sport is a great tool to bring about change, especially for girls and boys with disabilities. Sport has given me confidence to play more and be active which helps with my disability.”


The purpose of the workshop was to equip the 8 participants with the technical skills, knowledge and opportunity to share their personal stories of transformation through sport so that their communication and leadership skills are improved, and their voices amplified.

These girls in turn will share their stories and skills with other girls, women and people in their communities. These skills will also use these skills to improve their organizations’ capacities to share the impact of their work within their communities and nations.

To listen to more digital stories, visit the Women Win website