NOWSPAR Expectations for 2014 National Budget

Pics- Sheroes 026The Government of Zambia through the Ministry of Finance and National Planning is developing the budget plan for the year 2014. NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba speaks about the expectations we have for this budget.
As NOWSPAR, we are confident that the government will be respectful of its commitment to the people of Zambia and to delivering on its promises of development by investing across sectors. A key factor is the broader vision and plans for the nation such as the Sixth National Development Plan, we need to ensure sport is treated as a cross-cutting area to be used and invested in by all sectors and at all levels and that it connects to the rest of the national priorities around poverty reduction and economic investment.
Throughout all actions, our interest is in the outcomes and impact of these allocations to ensure they reach both men and women equitably through a diversity of sport and recreation. We are also concerned about these resources being distributed for the benefit of the population across age groups and geographic reach.

  1. Infrastructure: We would like to see continued allocation to development and rehabilitation of sport infrastructure at district level to improve access at local level and increase sport related investments from other stakeholders
  2. Decentralisation: We look forward to seeing investment in this process to ensure that service of sport and    recreation are taken closer to the people and channels of service delivery and accountability are strengthened.
  3. Human Capacity Development: Allocation to development of expertise at governance, administrative, coaching and athlete levels
  4. International Engagements: We would like to see allocation for preparation and participation in international competitions as well as policy meetings at regional and international levels.
  5. Governance of Sport: Allocation to reinforce the functioning of sport governance structures including the National Sport Council, Paralympic Committee and Boxing Board.
  6. Legislation and International Protocols: We would like to see allocation to review of the NSCZ Act and to its implementation. Allocation to commitments made through international protocols and agreements.
  7. Policies: Our interests are in allocations enabling implementation of national policies in the sport sector including National Strategic Plan on GBV, National Gender mainstreaming, youth empowerment and social security.
What we would expect is a manifestation of the increasing recognition of the cross-sectorial nature of sport through an increase in allocation that is spread out into various ministries and departments. For example, increase in the allocation to sport in the Ministry of Home Affairs, in Education, Health and Local Government.
We recognise that we may not get transformational impact through this budget, but what we would like it to do, is to provide some strategic investments that lay a foundation for building long term change.

NOWSPAR Strategic Plan Begins

NOWSPAR launched its strategic planning process on Friday 13th September with a Visioning Workshop at which we explored our ideas and thoughts for our 2014-2017 strategic plan.

We are excited about this process as we have an opportunity of adapting and renewing ourselves as an organisation and to set some really amazing targets that will stretch us and impact sport and Zambia positively for girls and women.’ NOWSPAR Director Matilda Mwaba said.

This planning initiative is a process that NOWSPAR owns and is facilitated by Mr. Mumbuna Mweenda a consultant provided by the Zambian Governance Foundation as part of the Organisation Capacity Development support.

The process will engage various stakeholders from beneficiaries to funders, government and fellow civil society actors in and outside the sport community.

The plan is critical to managing ourselves and our work as it will provide a framework for our decision making and will articulate our ambitions for the period therefore providing opportunity for stakeholders to see how they can benefit from us or cooperate with us towards mutual targets.

Thandiwe Mumba- Documentation Officer

Thandiwe Mumba- Documentation Officer


Staff feedback about the process was positive:

I thought this was something done only by senior executives and managers, so I am happy that my voice is considered important as my work affects my life so I like it

‘This helped me assess my own values and personal mission and how this is connected to my professional life, I felt a sense of belonging and I am proud to help with figuring out the future of the organisation.’

At the front of everyone’s mind are issues of impact and sustainability, so we are committed to have clarity on these in the plan and that this will be consistent with our values.

It is anticipated that the plan will be ready for launch on the last day of our 2013 program year  this December; however this document will be kept dynamic with consistent monitoring and regular reflection on our progress and the strength of the decisions we make during this process.

The planning process is supported by our partners Norwegian Olympic Committee, Women Win and Zambian Governance Foundation.

Zambia Athletics Gears Up for Safeguarding


The Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA) successfully hosted its national consultative meeting that brought together delegates from across the nation to deliberate on the development of athletics.

A key conversation at this forum was a session on safeguarding the integrity of sport that was delivered by NOWSPAR Executive Director Ms. Matilda Mwaba.

The session looked at key risks to integrity of sport and the roles and responsibilities of duty bearers within the Athletics Association.

A major outcome of this process was the resolution to set up a committee to look into safeguarding issues within ZAAA.

NOWSPAR will be supporting this committee with technical advice, tools and capacity building.

This is a step forward within NOWSPAR’s Play Free program on safeguarding sport that ZAAA is part of, past actions have included consultative meetings with executive members, self-audit and awareness session with program directors.

This is possible with the support of our partners Government Ministry of Sport, Norwegian Olympic Committee, Women Win and Zambian Governance Foundation.