Vote for Sport!

NSCZThe National Sports Council of Zambia (NSCZ) is a statutory institution whose mandate is to promote, develop and regulate sport in Zambia. This weekend the Council is hosting an AGM at which it will elect members to comprise part of the Board for the next four years. Part of the Board will be appointed by the Minister of Sport. If you are a leader of a Sport Association affiliated to the NSCZ, you have a chance to influence the development of sport in Zambia through the Board that you elect.

The people you vote for to sit on the Board should be:
• Knowledgeable about governance, leadership and running sport in Zambia
• Skilled and have capacity that they can contribute to developing the NSCZ and Sport
• Influential on policy and decision making that affects sport
• Credible and have integrity

What should you demand they do for Sport when they get onto the Board?
• Ensure the NSCZ Act revision processes is completed
• Facilitate equitable resource allocation to sport from national budget
• Tangible action to improve access and opportunities for women in sport at all levels
• Develop and implement a plan for capacity support of Sport Associations

What do we want to see in the Board?
• Governance and leadership skills
• Political and corporate influence
• Gender balance and age diversity

Your role is to:
• Hold your Board accountable to its mandate
• Actively participate in consultative and implementation processes
• Support innovative and positive development programs