London 2012: Message to Team Zambia


We are so proud of Team Zambia who is representing us at the London 2012 Olympics. We are confident that they will do well.

Qualifying to participate in the Olympics is a dream for many athletes and their coaches and of course sport associations. We are proud to be a part of this dream and are looking forward to its success.



ImageParticipation at the Olympics is an inspiration to many athletes and a confirmation that dreams can come true, but first one must have dreams, secondly one must have the determination and discipline to stay on track. Further athletes need supportive families, responsive and innovative sport systems and a sporting environment that promotes their ambitions, guides their dreams and secures their safety and general wellbeing.

Most of the participants in Team Zambia are not from a special or privileged background, they however have had to work very hard; this demonstrates that sport can provide opportunities and chances for all to participate and succeed.



ImageOn one hand, we are disappointed that we are only fielding two female athletes at London 2012; on the other hand, we are proud that they are there. It is our hope that Zambia will be able to have more athletes, of both genders and in more categories. We are confident that this can be achieved through tangible efforts and collaboration between the public and private sector. We need to invest in our youth sport development programs, and ensure we have girls participating and developing. We should continue to foster a culture of physical activity as part of our lifestyle and to recognise the value of sport to our cultural, social and economic development as a country.


So we say all the best to Gilbert Choombe, Chauzje Choosha, Jade Howard, Zane Jordan, Prince Mumba, Boas Munyonga, Gerald Phiri and Tony Wamulwa.

Make us proud! Go Zambia Go!

Matilda K. Mwaba

NOWSPAR Executive Director