Sport Permanent Secretary Pledges to Act for Gender Equality

Ministry of Sport and Youth Permanent Secretary Mrs. Musunga has pledged to advance the cause of gender equality in sport. Speaking in a meeting with NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba during International Women’s Day. ‘We must ensure we have clear priorities in sport development and addressing gender based violence is one of them’ She said. The discussion covered areas of cooperation in policy review, budgeting, legal reform and capacity building.

Ms. Mwaba said ‘As you may be aware, following the Southern Africa Women and Sport Consultative Meeting, we set up a Task Force on Addressing Gender Based Violence in sport comprised of the Ministry of Sport, Ministry of Education, National Sport Council and Gender in Development Division.

One of the outcomes of our cooperative work is the development of the Guiding Principles on Addressing Gender Based Violence in Sport which Ms. Mwaba presented toMrs. Musunga.

We are pleased to share with you that we have shared these guidelines at local level, regional, international and recently presented them to the special advisor to the United Nations Secretary General on Sport for Development and Peace.

The purpose of this Task Force is to advance the Guiding Principles on Addressing Gender Based Violence as well as to strategize towards action by the sport community on Gender Based Violence.

We therefore would like to urge you to take a key leadership role in advancing this cause as it is within the interest of achieving the Ministry’s Policy on advancing gender equality in sport.’

Mrs. Musunga was positive that with cooperation between NOWSPAR and the Minsitry great strides can be made towards addressing gender inequality manifested in low leadership participation, limited media coverage and lack of access and availability of sport and recreation facilities within communities.

‘We will look for opportunities to cooperate with other sectors as sport and youth issues are just as cross cutting as gender, disability and environmental issues. For example sport affects health, it affects town planning and education, so in planning process of other sectors we should be as involved as possible.’

The meeting was also attended by NOWSPAR General Secretary Lombe Mwambwa and Ministry of Sport Senior officer Grace Soko.

Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures in Sport

The 5th International Women’s Sports Day is held under the theme ‘Connecting Girls Inspiring Futures’. At NOWSPAR we are living this theme by mentoring girls towards their engagement in sport leadership. Through our sheroes program we are mobilising girls and young women to highlight their capacities and potential.

We are advancing girls and women’s right to sport because we believe sport provides a forum for girls to forge relationships and linkages with one another and with their community. These linkages are critical to their access to resources, social networks as sport is increasingly becoming a platform for empowerment.

NOWSPAR’s work in promoting women’s involvement in sport is the foundation of our concern about the investment in sport infrastructure and programs at community level.

As our Country moves forward in addressing Gender Based Violence especially against girls, our focus is on developing girls who are aware of their rights, who speak out for themselves and for oth

In this light we are campaigning for the implementation of the Guiding Principles on Gender Based Violence in the Sport Sector. This is critical to creating sport that is ethical and good. Girls’ engagement in sport in an atmosphere of safety and positive recognition of their rights and potential is important to the creation of a generation of women who are empowered.

Our activities during this Women’s Day include our media presentations, a Women’s Sports Day on Saturday 10th and sports events in different communities in our chapters in the provinces of Zambia. These are activities that are including the participation and leadership of girls and women.

On behalf of the Board and Management of NOWSPAR, I wish you a happy Women’s Day and look forward to our cooperation towards girls’ empowerment.

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Matilda K. Mwaba

Executive Director