NOWSPAR Executive Director’s New Year Message

As we begin the year 2011, we look forward to the possibilities and challenges that this New Year brings.

With the vision of the right to women’s sport and the urgency of women’s development and empowerment pressing upon us, our work has gained more relevance and exigency. Through foresight, determination and with the support of local and international partners, we are confident that we will adequately contribute to achieving the target of gender equality in sport and in the broader society.

We will build on our work addressing violence against women in sport, over the last year we have made progress from raising the issue, to engaging stakeholders and partners on the urgency of the matter and partnering with the international community to develop International Guidelines on Violence against Women in Sport.

This year we will stir stakeholders to move from awareness and commitment to action that directly results in positive sporting and life experiences of girls and women in the sport sector.  We are directing our efforts to campaigning for the development of codes of conduct within sport associations and clubs as a platform for accountability and intervention in violence against women and girls in sport. Further, we will continue to speak out and empower women and girls in sport to speak out for themselves and to take preventative and responsive action on violence against women in sport.

In this New Year, we are striving to better our work, to work closer with the rest of the women’s rights movement, to consolidate our achievements and develop opportunities for more gains towards our goals. We are collecting and producing knowledge and information, and we are highlighting and profiling women and girls in sport. We are positioning ourselves as the authority on women and sport issues in Zambia and the region.

We will augment our relationship with policy makers; develop a diversity of relationships with the broader development community and we will increase our institutional capacity. While the need for our services in terms of advocacy, awareness, research and advocacy, are still a priority, this year we look inwards to examine our work and strategies as well as planning for our next programme phase which will run from 2011- 2015.

We will stay on our path driven by our belief that ‘Every Body Matters’ and so deserves the right to sport, physical activity and recreation. We invite you to be a part of this great mission.

On behalf of the Board, Management and Staff of NOWSPAR, I wish all our partners, supporters and colleagues the best for the New Year.

Warm regards,

Matilda K. Mwaba

Executive Director