Female Youth Sport Leaders Training to Speak for Themselves

NOWSPAR is hosting an advocacy training workshop to facilitate capacity development of young female sport leaders in the sport for development sector in Zambia. The training will equip young female leaders with skills to conduct advocacy within their organisations on various issues. the youth advocates will be a core group to drive advocacy in their organisations and together with the sport sector, not only on affairs affecting women  but also on issues affecting them at individual level and in wider society.

The first part of the training will take place on 1st to 5th November 2010 at the Commonwealth Youth Centre at University of Zambia in Lusaka, resource persons are drawn from NOWSPAR, the Young Women’s Christian Association and the Non-Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council among others.

Participants are drawn from the following lead organisations in sport for development: Sport Coaches Outreach (SCORE), Sport in Action, Edusport Foundation, Kwenuha, Response Network, the National Paralympic Committee of Zambia, NOWSPAR Chapters- Kaunda Square, Chisekesi and Serenje.

She Speaks for Herself!  is part of the ‘Every Body Matters’ programme supported by the Norwergian Olympic and Paralympic Committees and Confederation of Sport (NIF). Read more about She Speaks for Herself


Shero Leads National Football Team to Victory

NOWSPAR Shero Enala Phiri Simbeya Head Coach of the Under 23 Women’s Football National Team led the team to a 2-1 victory over Botswana in a London 2012 qualifier match held in Lusaka on Saturday 23rd October 2010.

The game was held at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka and of course NOWSPAR was among the hundreds of supporters cheering the team on.

Previously, the Zambian team played Botswana and beat them 4-1 in Gaborone.  The next game in Zambia’s quest to qualify for the 2012 Olympic Games will be played in January 2011 aganist South Africa.


The NOWSPAR supported Marjorettes  from St. Magarates in Kaunda Square boosted the support and were also encouraged by the national team players.

NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba was among the supporters at the stadium and she said ” …this victory is important not only for the team members or the football society but for the entire sport sector to demonstrate that it is possible to have an all female crew and achieve success. It helps to highlight that women and girls can be involved in sport as coaches, team doctors, mangers and referees and players and of course as supporters.”

Watch out for more about Enala Phiri Simbeya in our Sheroes programme as we publish her story later this year.

NOWSPAR Honored for Advancing Women in Sport

Women’s participation in sport as athletes, leaders, coaches and managers is limited- however there are efforts to change this. For the tremendous contribution in advancing women’s right to sport and community participation the Chairman’s Award goes to … NOWSPAR!

This award was presented to NOWSPAR at the inaugural 2010 National Sports Council of Zambia Sports Award in recognition of institutional support to the development of sport in Zambia.

The awards were hosted on Friday 22nd October 2010 in Lusaka.

SSCN Zambia to Host 2010 Global Peace Games

The Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN) in Zambia will be commemorating the UN International Day of Peace by hosting the Annual Global Peace Games.

The Games are an initiative of Play Soccer International and conducted globally to demonstrate the power of sport in fostering peace and the role of youth in sustaining this peace.

The themes of the Games support the goals of the United Nations, which proclaimed the children of the world as the central focus of the 2001-2010 International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence. They educate about and show support for peaceful solutions, and aim to build global friendship and understanding, consistent with the objective of the United Nations International Day of Peace.

In Zambia, the commemoration will address awareness and intervention in harassment against women and girls in sport.

The commemoration will be through A Youth Forum to be hosted at NOWSPAR on Friday 15th October 2010, 09:00 hrs – 12:30 hrs, that will discuss harassment of girls in sport and the role of sport in addressing gender based violence.

The second event will be a Sports Day to be held on Saturday 16th October 2010 at the University of Zambia Sports fields at 09:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs.

The sports day activities include football, traditional board games, karate and Judo demonstrations and Kicking AIDS Out movement games.

The events and messages will also be publicized through radio, TV and newspaper coverage.

During this commemoration, messages of peace by United Nations Special Adviser on Sport for Development and Peace and from the President of FIFA will be read by youth.

The children and youth will also sign the UNESCO Manifesto for a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence – an advocacy and awareness tool on youth participation and voice in promoting a culture of peace and nonviolence.

In Zambia the members of the SSCN are Breakthrough-Chiparamba Academy, Beyond Sport Intergrated, Edusport Foundation, Kalusha Foundation, Play Soccer Zambia, Sport In Action and NOWSPAR.

Challenging the Double Barrier of Gender and Disability in Sport

The Zambia Sport Association of the Deaf has called on stakeholders in the sport sector to recognize the sport participation of persons with hearing impairments. This was during a Consultative Meeting hosted by NOWSPAR to strategize towards increased participation of women with hearing impairments in sport.

The meeting was attended by some members of the Executive Committee of the Zambia Sport Association of the Deaf (ZSAD) and the ZSAD Women’s Committee. The meeting looked at the current situation of the ZSAD regarding women’s participation, the challenges of women participation in leadership and the barriers to sport participation found through the NOWSPAR baseline survey.

NOWSPAR is aware of the special challenges that women with disabilities face in accessing sport. The challenge has a double nature because deaf women have to face the challenge of gender stereotypes and barriers as well as the limitations in access to sport due to their imparment.

Women’s Committee Secretary Kapembwa Adrina said the Zambia Sport Association of the Deaf (ZSAD) is a young organisation in need of support to enable it develop its structures and programmes, including how to run sports leagues, how to develop programme and to raise resources.

NOWSPAR Executive Director Matilda Mwaba pointed out that “Increasing women’s participation in the ZSAD will require overall development of the association, as it is the association which runs the programmes. Once the association has the capacity to implement sports club structure and activities, then it can provide an avenue and sustained platform for women and girls involvement.”

President of the Association Mr. Prosper Mulinda reported to the meeting that since becoming members of NOWSPAR last year, the Association has since elected a women’s committee to increase the opportunities for women’s involvement in leadership as they were not adequately represented on the Executive Committee of the Association.

Earlier this year, NOWSPAR supported the ZSAD to meet the costs of affiliation fees to the National Sports Council of Zambia the regulatory body of sport, without which it would not legally exist. The ZSAD had been unable to meet this cost this year as it had been increased drastically beyond their current capacity to pay.

ZSAD is a member of NOWSPAR, and contributions from NOWPSAR have also been in form of opportunities for participation in workshops and conferences, facilitating media coverage, contribution of sport equipment and branded t-shirts, administrative support and networking linkages.

Some key recommendations and actions:

Capacity Development of leaders of the women’s sports clubs in the provinces was identified as critical. ZSAD and NOWSPAR are working together to develop a training programme to achieve this.

Sport Facilities: the association will look into partnering with the Zambia Deaf Association to access land to establish sport fields for netball and football.

Sport Equipment: the association received some volleyballs, netballs, footballs, badminton and chess sets. However, these were still insufficient as they were distributed to clubs in other provinces as well. The association will corporate with NOWSPAR to establish partnerships with the corporate sector and other organizations to facilitate support.

HIV/AIDS Awareness: there is a need for the association to have trained people to conduct awareness among the sport participants as they are missing out on this information.

Access to media: the association has not received much media coverage and this has contributed to the lack of support by the corporate sector. Field visits for the media will be organized to ensure the media have access the activities of the deaf sports groups. NOWSPAR will also continue to provide space on its web pages for information on the association’s women’s activities.

“Through the Sheroes Campaign NOWSPAR is highlighting women and girls in sport to demonstrate their participation in sport in order to challenge the stereotypes and inspire communities to support women and girls. In order to show that ‘disability is not inability’ the campaign will highlight some sports persons with hearing impairments” Matilda Mwaba said to the media personnel present at the meeting.

Administrative facilities: the association is in need of a computer, desk and stationery. The association has an office provide by the Zambia Deaf Association. There is need to mobilize resources to acquire a computer and other administrative equipment.

NOWSPAR in addition, is supporting the association to develop its governance capacity and administrative capacity through technical support.

In a TV Interview after the workshop, ZSAD Women’s Committee Chairperson Ireen Kaayo said ‘participating in sport is good for women who are deaf, it helps us to be healthy and to interact with others. We also want to do sport because we enjoy it. The government used to have a good programme for sport for deaf children in schools- they would host an annual tournament every year, but not anymore, they say there is no money. But this was a good programme, now there is nothing.”

NOWSPAR General Secretary Ms. Lombe Mwambwa in her presentation said: “…deaf sport persons have fallen into a system crack and are forgotten- they are neglected by the mainstream sport system and are also not considered under sport for persons with disabilities”

NOWSPAR has continued to lobby the government and other sport structures to cooperate, develop opportunities and allocate resources for the needs of sport for deaf persons.

As argued by many scholars, the problem is not disability but the failure to create an environment that is considerate. So, the challenge of accessing sport by persons with hearing impairments is not present because they have hearing impairments- the problem is our sport system has not recognized their needs and therefore not adequately responded through policies, systems, processes and facilities.

This is sustained by the exclusion of persons with hearing impairments from decision making processes including law formulation, policy development, and infrastructure and programme design.

This is evident by the continued lack of recognition of the impact they experience due to budget cuts or realignments and programme changes within the sector.

The meeting was hosted by NOWSPAR with the support of the Norwergian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Conferdaration of Sport (NIF).