Working with men to promote gender equity in sport and linking sport and saving schemes

The NOWSPAR Secretariat conducted a field visit to Chamulimba Village in Chongwe District where we held meetings with NOWPSAR members, women’s groups in the Village and with men and boys. The meetings were held at Chamulimba Basic School on 6th May2010.
The men’s meeting was held raise to discuss the role of men in the sport and recreation activities of women and girls in the village. The discussion outcomes include information that there is recognition that sport and recreation are important for women and girls but also for men and boys. The meeting emphasised the need to work together as all live together. The men are interested in working with the girls and women to establish groups to promote sports activities with a strong purpose of youth empowerment in health, education and entrepreneurship. The group resolved to establish community sports and AIDS education groups in each of the 15 villages represented.

The meeting with the women’s groups brought together four women’s groups from the 15 villages including NOWSPAR, Titandizeni, Kwasha Mukwenu and Panga Ojane. Aside NOWSPAR the other three groups are based on financial saving and credit schemes. The meeting explored the opportunities of the groups working together in promoting and implementing recreation and sport activities as well as health education and expanding the financial capacity of the groups and members to improve economic participation and benefits. The groups were positive and are working together to determine a mechanism to share skills and capacities.


Capacity Development Workshop- Planning and Fundraising

As part of NOWSPAR’s capacity building strategy, the NOWSPAR Secretariat conducted a workshop on “Resource Mobilization”. The meeting was held at NOWSPAR in Lusaka, Zambia on 4th May2010. The workshop was offered to the Executive Committee of the Deaf Women’s Sports Club, an affiliate of the Zambia Sport Association for the Deaf a member of NOWSPAR based in Kanyama Township in Lusaka. The Women’s Sports Club has member clubs in other provinces of the country. The workshop aimed to provide simple tools for planning sports events, planning a general communication strategy, and raising funds. Emphasis was placed on how to effectively communicate ideas to a variety of donor types and other strategic partners. Immediate results are the communications and fundraising activities being undertaken towards two events to be held later in the year- a leadership workshop and a deaf women’s sports festival. Follow up support will be provided for the period of the project and also after the project, and this is based on the specific initiatives of the club and their members.

Kicking AIDS Out of Kaunda Square, Lusaka

NOWSPAR Chapter in Kaunda Square made up of St. Margarates UCZ Church and Mwalimu Tuition Centre conducted a sports festival in Lusaka on 1st May 2010. The festival was organised by the St Margarates UCZ Church Youth group. The sports festival was held at Munali Girls and Boys Sports Fields with the purpose of providing access to sports activities to the community of Kaunda Square, to implement Kicking AIDS Out movement games for HIV/AIDS awareness. The activities included volleyball, football, netball, athletics, egg races and other interactive games. NOWSPAR’s Kicking AIDS Out trainee Peer Leaders Cynthia Chiyassa and Samantha Lukonde conducted the awareness games while Angela Mwamba and Lise Gustavsen provide technical support to the organising committee. The tournament had a participation of 114 females and 142 male youth and children.